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Optimal Surface Measuring Tool
for Film Thickness Measurement

The MicroSpy® FT is a single-sensor measuring tool for easy, non-contact film thickness measurements of coatings that are transparent or semi-transparent in the visible or invisible spectrum of light (e.g. infrared). Even very thin films of a few nanometers can be reliably measured which makes this tool a perfect addition to R&D and Quality Control departments in many high-tech industries.

The right measurement technology for every coating
The system is installed with an optical film thickness sensor based on either interferometric or reflectometric technology, which enables the tool to non-destructively measure films of a few millimeters down to just 10 nanometers in thickness. Self supported films (e.g. foils), single coatings or stacked films on a substrate can be reliably measured. Also, materials such as silicon, which is opaque in visible light and transparent in infrared can be handled due to a rich selection of sensors which are available with various light sources, spot sizes and thickness measurement ranges.

Multiple Applications

There are multiple applications possible within film thickness measurement, especially of thin films. Typical tasks are located in the field of (thin film) photovoltaics, medical technology, semiconductor, flat-panel Display and OLED production or the glass and optical industries.

Typical films and film stacks that are measured are:

  • film thickness of an Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC)
  • film thickness of Photoresist (e.g. AZ photoresist)
  • film thickness of a Hard Coating
  • film thickness of Thin Conductive Oxides (TCO)
  • film thickness of Tin Doped Indium Oxides (ITO)
  • film thickness of Drug Eluting Films

3D Visualization of Film Thickness

The MicroSpy® FT allows not only to conduct punctual and profile thickness measurements but furthermore features an innovative 3D-Mapping Mode that allows the evenness determination of the film thickness distribution on a larger sample area.

Manufacturers of coated products such as solar cells, technical glas, blood glucose test strips, CD's and DVD's as well as semiconductor and MST products use 3D film thickness maps to quickly identify possible failure sources and new potentials for optimization in their coating processes.

Superior precision based on up to 100 Million single measurement Points!
To generate the 3D mapping of a film, the coated surface is
scanned in a non-contact fashion. This is achieved with a motorized positioning table that moves the sample below the optical film thickness sensor in x and y directions. During this procedure, up to 100 Million different measurement points are generated which are then automatically combined into a high-resolution 3D representation of the coating.The 3D film thickness mapping allows the determination of detailed information about thickness values at a specific position of a given profile or of the coating's evenness in general.


Precise Film Thickness Measurements with Powerful Hardware

Despite its small footprint, the MicroSpy® FT offers superior performance and easy-operation. This is reflected through useful features such as an integrated CCD-camera with additional illumination which creates a preview image of the sample's surface in the measurement software while it is being brought into the right position. The preview image is very helpful to quickly create high-quality measurements - not only for experienced users but also for new users who will be capable to use the tool with minimal training required. 

Film thickness measurements based on scientific Research  To perfectly solve the given measurement task, the MicroSpy® FT is equipped with one out of FRT's optical film thickness sensors. Choose between film thickness analyses by means of Fourier-Transformation (FFT) or by spectral-fit (N&K Database) which allows to measure nanometer thin films as small as 10
nm. FRT surface experts will always consult you in finding best possible measurement solution for your specific application.


Reliably measure film thickness on larger samples
The MicroSpy® FT is equipped with a motorized positioning table with high accuracy that perfectly fits to the available selection of FRT's various film thickness sensors. The overall table size of 145 mm x 145 mm and its travel range of 50 mm x 50 mm offer sufficient space for the investigation of film thickness even on larger samples. For secure object fixture a grid of tapped holes allows easy fastening of custom sample holders.

Superior Price-Performance Ratio

As a highly standardized metrology tool, the MicroSpy® FT offers a superior price-performance ratio. At the same time, its measuring technology is of the same industry-proven quality as FRT's Multi Sensor Tools with full automation and part handling.

Superior Service

FRT metrology experts support you with your measuring task and the system configuration that suits you best. FRT has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of precise surface measuring tools such as an profilometer and offers substantial know-how in the analysis of surfaces and coatings.
We look forward to support and consult you with your specific measuring task!
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